Aurinkorytmi and SENIO -rivitanssi®

Founded in 1997 and ended in the 2010s, Aurinkorytmi specializes in teaching dance and especially line dance. SENIO -rivitanssi® in Finland is a method based on line dance instruction and dance selection specifically directed at teaching line dance to seniors.  Kirsi-Marja Vinberg is one of the pioneers of teaching line dance for seniors in Finland. Kirsi-Marja Vinberg has developed a special form of teaching style suitable for especially seniors and elderly people. A slow, specific style of teaching line dance takes into  account the challenges in moving, enabling seniors to learn balance and motor skills, improve their ability to concentrate and enhance their memory. Seniors get to enjoy the great benefits of line dance!

What can seniors gain from line dance?

Balance control

Concentration skills

Better coordination and  body control

Better muscular strength

Better MEMORY!

Better overall health

A refreshing mood

Line dance is suitable for seniors starting an exercise routine, as well as a rehabilitative exercise for example after a long illness. Line dancing can also slow the progression of some diseases (for example Parkinson’s disease). Your social life gets a boost as well thanks to classes and evening gatherings. You don’t need a partner to dance, so line dance is suitable for single seniors. It’s great that men have also found this fun hobby! The dances and moves have been chosen keeping in mind seniors’ physical challenges. We cooperate continuously with health professionals.