Hello! I have made 5 new dances:

Blue Heaven, beginner/improver line dance

Look at the music here: My Blue Heaven – YouTube

Stepsheet; BLUE HEAVEN – Aurinkorytmihttps://aurinkorytmi.com/blue-heaven/

Midnight Hour Blues, improver line dance

Look at the music here: Midnight Hour Blues – YouTube

Stepsheet: MIDNIGHT HOUR BLUES – Aurinkorytmihttps://aurinkorytmi.com/midnight-hour-blues/

Sweet Home Chicago, improver line dance

Stepsheet: SWEET HOME CHICAGO – Aurinkorytmi

Twilight Time, improver line dance, suitable for seniors

Look at the music here: The Platters Twilight Time HQ Stereo 1958 – YouTube

Stepsheet: TWILIGHT TIME – Aurinkorytmihttps://aurinkorytmi.com/twilight-time/

Walking With The Summerwind, ultra beginner line dance

Look at the music: Summer Wind (2008 Remastered) – YouTubehttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8DopzOCeKJc

Stepsheet: WALKING WITH THE SUMMERWIND – Aurinkorytmi

Stepsheets are on the list of Dancescripts.